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What If I Say No to God by Ignoring My Call?

When we say no to God and our calling, we're depriving God, ourselves and the world in many ways. Let us consider saying yes to God.

It seems silly to suggest we might say no to God if we really are accepting of his all-encompassing power. Yet, we say no to God all the time. We say no to him when we fall short in obeying all his commands. We say no when we make choices that are – without question – born of self-interest (and perhaps often to the detriment of others). And maybe more striking than anything else, we say no to God when we put off his call on our lives. There are implications to saying no, of course, and some of those […]

Planning Next Year – and Another Year of Listening Up

I'm already planning next year, and need your help picking content for the 2017 Year of Listening Up. Here's how you can vote and help choose it.

We are in the final stages in our Year of Listing Up series, so I gotta start thinking about 2017. There’s a lot of great things on the horizon, including a new book (or two!), some great educational e-courses and more. I’ve very excited about it all and I pray others will find as much value it it as I hope. A Year of Listening Up – 2017 My book, Listen Up, Kids: Foolish Dreams, Syncing with God & Running to Win was written as a letter to share a handful of life lessons with my daughters. After some formatting […]

Put on Your New Shoes and Run the Race to Win

Go knows you and he has equipped you. Chances are, he's also given you a longing on your heart to serve him in ways that you are uniquely designed for. It's time to say yes to God, embrace the gear of your new creation and get into the race. Run it to win!

There’s something about new shoes that leads a child to believe they can run faster. To run better. I was no exception to that. If I knew I’d be likely to find myself in a footrace, game of tag or other event that required my ability to run, you can bet your every dollar I would be wearing my best shoes for the occasion. Although money was tight, I was fortunate to know what new shoes felt like while growing up. Of course, they didn’t make me run faster or jump higher. However they did install a feeling of confident […]

Don’t Just Say Yes. Say Yes with a Committed Spirit

Say an emphatic NO to the areas of life where it’s needed. Then, say YES even more enthusiastically to the areas where it is needed. You’ll soon restore the proper balance in your life.

It’s time to say yes. That’s right. I’ve been waiting ALL YEAR for this topic in A Year of Listing Up. You see, the life lesson of “Consider Saying Yes” carries a lot of potential themes and impacts. For me, it’s a highly personal lesson and I’ll share why that is the case in Monday’s post. In a sense, this lesson brings us full circle. As you might recall, the first YLU topic was “Make Yourself Available to God.” I would suggest these topics are the same, but different. It is possible to make yourself available without fully committing to the […]

Quotations that Inspire and Feed Your Soul

I have gone through some of my favorite life refining books to find some awesome life refining quotes... and I want to share them with you!

I always enjoy hearing and reading inspirational quotations. Whether they are from renowned heroes, thought leaders or even relative unknowns; there is value in their words. You see, within these quotations you get a glimpse of wisdom that life has afforded to another life. We have a blessed opportunity to learn from that wisdom. What’s more, we can grow from it. Of course, we can also use it as motivation and for personal growth, too. Quotations of Collective Wisdom If you’ve read Listen Up, Kids, you already know I read a lot. Although, you may have figured that out if […]

Thanksgiving Day, a Poem by Frank Carleton Nelson

Thanksgiving Day was written by Auburn, Indiana author, Frank Carleton Nelson. It appeared in his 1933 compilation The Evening Hour, reminding us that, though we have much to be thankful for, there are many who could use a hand up. It’s our duty to recognize and care for one another.

I am really excited to shared this poem, Thanksgiving Day, with you on, well… Thanksgiving Day. It was written by Auburn, Indiana author, Frank Carleton Nelson and appeared in his 1933 compilation called The Evening Hour.  As I shared earlier in the week, I first learned about Nelson when I was writing, Legendary Locals of Auburn. He quickly became one of my favorite subjects of research. I really like his prose and simple style. He provides relatable scenarios that harken back to glory days of yesteryear. Also, as is easily observed from his work, Nelson was a man of God. The more I […]

Thankfulness; A Poem by Frank Carleton Nelson

Thankfulness was written by Auburn, Indiana author, Frank Carleton Nelson and appeared in his 1927 compilation called Along Life’s Road. It’s the first of two poems by Nelson I am sharing this week. I first learned on FC Nelson when I was writing my book, Legendary Locals of Auburn. In short order, I had really come to admire the poet’s prose and scoured the internet to find copies of his books. His simple style and direct imagery is relatable and harkens back to the good ole’ days. As is evident from his work, Nelson was clearly a man of God, […]

8 Strategies High Achievers Use Every New Year

So what do people like John Maxwell, Dave Ramsey, and Andy Stanley do at the beginning of every year? Find out in this free download.

Even when it doesn’t feel like it, we can be high achievers. No matter what this year or any of the years that came before it were like, next year can our best year ever. And it’s with that achiever mindset that we should pursue it. It doesn’t just happen though. It takes more than wanting it to be successful. I have personally read many books, articles, and viewed videos, presentations and more from some of the most successful people on the planet. I’ve listened to the audio books. I have watched TED Talks. I have committed myself to understanding the habits […]

Some of the Many Ways We Can Show Up – 7 Posts

What does it mean to SHOW UP? There are many ways , actually. This post shares a few of the many different ways we should seek to show up.

What does it mean to SHOW UP? When I first unpacked this life lesson in Listen Up, Kids, it was about being physically present. In a sense, it was along the lines of show up to school every day and you will at least get a good score in attendance/participation. As I have explored the advice more, I think there are many ways we should seek to show up. So, with this 7 posts edition, I have broken down the ways we can show up into a few different sub-categories. There are certainly other ways we might show up, so […]

Show Up Because it’s Love in Action – Perspective on 1 John 3:18

Love in action is more than empty words. Drawing on real-life examples, we gain tangible perspective of 1 John 3:18… Let us show the truth by our actions.

What is Love in Action? It’s a great question. One that seems like it’s an easy answer. It’s hugs, kisses and saying “I love you,” right? Sending cards or emails from a distance. Ordering flowers or gifts. Those are loving gestures, right? Sure, they are great ways of expressing love. We need to keep doing those things and we need to do and see more of them. Although, as we further unpack the lesson – Show Up – in our Year of Listening Up series, consider 1 John 3:18: Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; […]