Refining Life, on Purpose

4 Reasons You Need to Fix it

Instead of saying it ain't broke, ask how can it be better?

You may be familiar with the phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” It’s practical advice. Unfortunately, though, it discourages the taking of risks.I Iwas am reminded of a time when I was challenged along with a group of other like-minded individuals, to think beyond the idea. We instead began asking, “how can it be better?” And honestly, it was a breath of fresh air in many ways. Maybe it’s because I am a constant tinkerer or am always “wordsmithing” the things I write, but I have never been one to settle for status quo or mediocrity. That challenge […]

Consider the Filters That Construct Your Personal Worldview

Ever consider your worldview or the filters that made it so? Here, are some key events that - for better or worse - are defining an always on generation,

How often do you give thought to your personal worldview? I think about mine often – probably more than I should. However, that doesn’t mean it is not important, nor should it be taken lightly. As the saying goes, if you don’t stand for anything, you might fall for everything.   As I consider the concept of looking with mirrors – literally and figuratively – I am reminded of a personal blog post I wrote in 2008. That post was titled We Are Still Prisoners of Our Own Fear. In that post, I dissect several events that shaped – for […]

Start Looking With a Mirror If You’re Seeking Justice in the World

Start Looking With a Mirror If You're Seeking Justice in the World

If you genuinely want to see justice in this world, it’s going to have to start in the right places. There are many ways we go about seeking it, and most of those avenues lead us on wild goose chases or to dead ends. We often see people who are wronged and immediately become outraged. The emotion of the moment fuels rage and discontent. And we take up the fight for the cause. Sounds admirable, right? Sure. But we’re often only seeing a part of the picture in our pursuit for justice. Often, we are looking with only the lens […]

The Lost Art of Being Neighbors

The Art of being a Neighbor as Missional Evangelism

The old man who lived across the street from my childhood home had a wonderful bed of tulips in his back yard. I stumbled onto them one afternoon as I cut through on my way to a friend’s house. I had a long stick in hand and was swinging it like a Zorro sword. I was an awestruck six-year-old when I witnessed the top of a tulip lop right from the stem with one quick swipe. So I did what any kid would do… I swiped the heads of every one of Mr. Clapham’s tulips clean off their stems. Bummed […]

The Great American Stalemate Will Show Who We Really Are

America has found itself thrown into a stalemate with everyone at odds. It was bound to happen as our culture shifts from adolescence into young adulthood. These next many years are going to show the rest of the world (and ourselves) who we really are. Let's go forward in actionable love that shows our higher calling to the great good of humanity.

We find ourselves in the midst of a Great American Stalemate. That’s the conclusion I am coming to after having considered what has been going on in my country over the last many months. In fact, I have felt pretty helpless since the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. I fully support him, not because I am a Republican (I am not), nor because I agree with him on everything (I do not). I do, however, support Mr. Trump because – frankly – he is my President and his success means success of my country. I’ve […]

Vision and Leading – 7 Posts About Casting Your Vision Toward the Future

Casting Your Vision in the Direction of the Future - 7 Posts

Vision and Leading are two words that practically everyone has heard used in some context. Whether it’s personal or group context, whether for career or volunteerism, you can’t escape hearing those two words. They’re often accompanied with the word “mission” to express a desired purpose. Regardless of the contest, though, it’s vital to remember that they are about guiding toward a future state. They are about getting us from where we are to where we will be. Here are seven posts I encourage you to consider for personal life planning, Godly vision, leading, and being led. Life Plans and Godly Vision When God […]

You Don’t Have to Care About Inauguration Day, but You Should at Least Care

What I am praying, today, is that we can join together in unity with a sense of perspective and hope - no matter if you predict ultimate doom or unprecedented prosperity when you look to the future.

It’s inauguration day in the United States. We’re witnessing history – whether for better or worse. That’s no different from any other inauguration day that has happened before today. However, while the coming months and years will bring an unveiling of the path our country will ultimately veer, my fellow country men and women, we are a vital part of that directing. Yes, it is true that there has been much uproar leading into this inauguration day, beginning with the shocking primaries and even more shocking (to many) election. Regardless, we as a nation have much work to do if […]

Why You Don’t Have it All Together and What You Can Do About it

I don’t have it all together. Drawing on Paul’s letter to the church of Philipi, we can see that that’s okay, because none of us do. It’s how we move forward that matters.

I like to think I have it all together. There are times, though, where I’m completely fractured and anything but all put together. That may be why I am fascinated by stories that have highly flawed people. It keeps me grounded and mindful that I too am highly flawed. It’s more reflective of real life. Whether hero or villain, whether protagonist or antagonist, all characters have flaws. And, sometimes, it’s even their ultimate undoing. Think of Mr. Burns from the Simpsons – the money-grubbing scoundrel. Or, consider Richard III – the arrogant and pathetic, hunchback who sparks debate over whether […]

Getting God’s Signal Amid Clutter and Noise

Getting God's Signal in Midst of Noise is Hard - it's There. God is never doing nothing.

Did you catch God’s signal today? What about yesterday, or the day before? Have you gotten God’s signal at all in the last month? I am not talking about trying to delicately tune the AM band on your  radio to the low-frequency Christian radio station in your market. I’m talking about that signal that God is booming at you with extreme intensity and passion. This is more than when my Little League coach gave me the bunt signal from third base. On one such occasion, I genuinely missed it before hitting into an inning ending double-play (as well as running laps […]

Consider Your Ways for the New Year and Beyond

It’s good to take a break from time to time to consider your ways as you also consider your possible future. It’s never too late. We’re works in progress until the day God calls us home.

It’s good to take a break from time to time to consider your ways as you also consider your possible future. You see, the New Year is filled with a lot of advice from leaders, bloggers, journalists and all sorts of people. They’ll give you a lot of words about resolutions, goals, living intentionally and more. However, this is not one of those pieces. Frankly, it’s not a post about how to have the greatest year possible in x easy steps. It’s about you and how you go forward. So, whether you have a destination in mind or you tend […]