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God Uses Ordinary Every Day – 7 Posts Showing the Ways

God uses ordinary for his mighty works and the good plans for us. He’s not looking just for the most charismatic, famous, skilled and educated. Like the apostles, he’s looking to transform our weaknesses into strength and inviting us to be ordinary men and women to bring him glory.

God uses ordinary. He does it for his mighty works and does it as part of the good plans he has for us. And, it’s not just the most charismatic, famous, skilled and educated he seeks. He used twelve ordinary men to filled with weaknesses and shared their story of HIS story throughout the New Testament. Fisherman, tax collectors, political zealots saw their weakness transformed into strength. God is inviting us to be among another set of ordinary men and women who can can bring him glory. Here’s seven posts to help further our understanding and inspire our pursuits. God […]

The Character Builder’s Bible Goes Deeper Into the Stories

When teaching kids about the Bible, it’s easy to lose focus of the character of the people. This is where The Character Builder's Bible: 60 Character-Building Stories from the Bible comes in. This thick, hardcover book packed with 60 Bible stories containing illustrations, definitions, and memory verses. It’s perfect for showing our kids that God’s Word is relevant to their lives.

Who’s your favorite character in the Bible? It’s a simple and innocent question. I do, however, find myself often getting frustrated at that question. When we ask it, it’s sort of like asking who you favorite character of a popular movie or television show is. When we say “character,” it insinuates a make of fiction. Moreover, it doesn’t actually get to the real point of the question: why are they your favorite? When I teach my kids about the Bible, and the people of it, I want to teach them the character of the people. I want them to know […]

Why Small Stuff Should be in Focus – Faith of a Mustard Seed

I like to think God likes the small stuff of ordinary. That’s why he so often uses ordinary things and ordinary events to do miracles. He uses ordinary - the small stuff - to accomplish great things for his kingdom and his glory.

You’ve heard it: “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.” Or, maybe you’ve heard a different take on it. It suggests that spending time on little things and details is a waste. I am a person who has always considered himself to be exceptionally average. It’s been distressing at times. Sure, I wasn’t the smartest. I wasn’t the least capable either. I was, in a sense, ordinary. And I still am ordinary. I like to think, though, that God likes ordinary. He uses ordinary things and ordinary events to do miracles. He uses ordinary – the small stuff – to accomplish great […]

Deeply Transformational Living and the Way of Jesus

Daniel Fusco's Upward, Inward, Outward teaches the art of transformational living and discipleship by living in sync with God, learning about how God sees you and living in service to others.

The transformational impact of living in the light of Christ is often talked about. However, I don’t think we give true consideration of the significance often enough. We say things like being a “new creation” or “being transformed.” Some might take that to mean “I am saved and going to heaven” and then they move on. When we do that, though, we’re missing so much. In Daniel Fusco’s new book, Upward, Inward and Outward: Love God, Love Yourself, Love Others: , he suggests: I love to call the art of living “Jesus spirituality” — which is ordinary people, living in […]

Those Ordinary People are Real People, and That’s Incredible!

There’s lots of examples of ordinary people being used by God for incredible things. These are more than mere stories. They are real people, serving a real God for real purpose.

The Bible has a many examples of ordinary people being used by God for his big purposes. Those stories are oft-repeated and for good reason; we learn, grow and are inspired by them. But God didn’t stop using ordinary people once the Bible was written and assembled. God still uses ordinary things and ordinary people on a regular basis. Ordinary People, Real People and That’s Incredible When I was a child, two popular shows of the time were “Real People” and “That’s Incredible.” The former showed pre-recorded segments to a live studio audience much like America’s Funniest Home Videos (minus […]

Seeking God in Catastrophe and the Stillness After the Storm

Some people are seeking God in the wake of hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires and personal Strife. He reveals himself not in the storm, but in the gentle whisper outside of it. If we genuinely are seeking God, we will come to know him as something more than an orchestrator of disaster and ruin.

When bad things happen, people often begin intentionally seeking God. I have thought a lot about that in the context of I Kings as hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires are ravaging many lands. And, even as this is happening, citizens of the United States are witnessing extreme political unrest and protests that seem far from compromise or lasting change. These things are leaving many to ask the question: It’s challenging to see it. However, God is present, displaying his might and power in the midst of disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, and more. And, even as his strength is on […]

Developing People – 7 Posts on Building People Up

Developing people takes investing time, building relationships, understanding, and responding with wisdom. Here are seven links/posts speaking to it.

Developing people is one of the core ambitions of 1Glories. When I started the blog, it was about the only directive I knew for sure. And developing people goes well beyond the topic of “leadership.” And there is no one surefire approach that will work for everyone. That’s because we all exist on different spectrum’s and are at different points on that spectrum. For instance, in the course of developing people, we may find that some are in need of simple life skills. Others need to develop courage and tact to move their careers to a higher level. Obviously, that […]

Have Greater Lasting Impact by Building Up Others

You have an opportunity to make a lasting impact in many lives. It takes strong faith, personal action, and a commitment to long-term vision.

One of the best ways to have lasting impact is by investing in the lives of others. This is pretty common knowledge, especially in a culture that lauds coaching, mentoring and leadership. This is usually in a corporate setting, but it’s probably even more true in a humanitarian context. That’s probably why God commands it through the Apostle Paul in his first letter to the Thessalonians. Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. – 1 Thessalonians 5:11 ESV He offers similar advice at the end of chapter 4 (v. 18), telling them to […]

POEM: Life Seasons Past… and Yet Ahead

It's rare that I am inspired to draft any form of poetry any longer. They other night, as a storm began to roll in and I surveyed my yard, inspiration struck! I hope it provokes you to ponder as well. No matter where you are in life, it's never too late to get in sync with God.

I’ve long thought of life in the context of life seasons. Probably a throwback to The Outsiders and Robert Frost’s Nothing Gold Can Stay. The other night, as I was sitting outdoors while effectively commemorating the end of Labor Day weekend. I observed my yard. It’s something I do often, kind of like a closing ceremony to the day. My eyes fixated on two crabapple trees that had seemingly become empty of their leaves over night. I began considering seasons, and life seasons in particular. It was not long ago that those trees were filled with vibrant blossoms and that […]

Silently Judging Others Silently Makes Your Heart Stinky Like Rotting Fish

The way we think and act toward others is an act of judging others. It’s also an extension of our own hearts. Here’s how to get our hearts in good condition. Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

Judging others is a character trait I’m always working to overcome. I have more success at different times, and I frequently fall into old patterns. However, as I have matured and grown in my faith, I’m realizing my judging others is really me mentally tearing them down. As I have examined this nature, I find it generally has to two causes. I judge others either because they have what I do not or because they have what I want not. You see, our practice of mentally judging others is really our own faults and no fault of theirs whatsoever. When […]