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Gaining a Heart of Wisdom – a Review of Street Smarts from Proverbs by Mitch Kruse

What does a life marked by wisdom look like? Does wisdom just happen, or must it be intentionally pursued? How is wisdom best applied in one’s life? What the heck is the purpose of wisdom? These are all questions I’ve personally pondered and they all are addressed in some form or another with Mitch Kruse’s book, Street Smarts from Proverbs: How to Navigate Through Conflict to Community.

Hachette Book Group provided me with a review copy, and I am happy to share this review with the 1Glories Swarm. Also, in full disclosure: I grew up in the community where Kruse led the largest collector car show in the world and he was one of the subjects profiled in my book, Legendary Locals of Auburn.

What’s The Measure? Money or Wisdom?

If you’ve read Kruse’s book, Restoration Road, you’re probably familiar with the life altering question his uncle Derald posed:

Have you ever thought about changing the scorecard of your life from money to wisdom?

Street Smarts picks up – in a way – where Restoration Road left off. I, for one, found myself wanting a whole lot more the first time I read about that interaction. The question completely changed status quo in Kruse’s mind. It changed the filter with which he saw relationships personally, professionally and with God.

Street Smarts from Proverbs explores, in specific detail, the game plan Kruse put together through prayer, study and growth in Christ.

His pursuit to find answers has sparked a lifelong journey. Much of it being through the ultimate wisdom book, Proverbs, a book that connects God’s heart with street smarts.


Ready to get in sync with God, his plans for you, and live a life marked by wisdom? Get Street Smarts: Wisdom from Proverbs. In it, Kruse shares many ways you can tweak daily life for deeper understanding of wisdom, applying it to life and living a more rewarding existence.

Words to the Wise

Within Street Smarts From Proverbs, Kruse introduces readers to Solomon’s twelve words to the wise. Those are: righteousness, equity, justice, wise behavior, understanding, wise communication, prudence, discretion, wise counsel, discipline, knowledge, and learning

Each of the words to the wise is paired with a real-life story, which Kruse details and applies to the lesson at hand. In each story, the subject has experienced God’s miraculous restoration after humbling their hearts to Him. The result is an easy-to-understand and life-transforming process that readers can model in their own lives.

It Just as Important to Know What is Foolish

I bet you’ve done something you know was foolish. And I bet you’ve even done things you knew were foolish even as you were doing them. For whatever reason, we do that. Even though we realize we are foolish, we keep going.

In those moments, we’re being dually foolish because we’re too stubborn or prideful to admit we’re wrong. It seems like we are gladly accepting of terrible outcomes simply because we’re committed to our decisions and too ego driven to admit we’re fools.

Humility is key, of course. However, have you ever acted in a way that you thought was wise, only to find out how foolish you were? A basic example would be to share some information that you see on Facebook, even tell people about it in-person, only to find out it was all a myth, hoax or downright untruth.

This sort of foolishness can be in a Biblical context as well. We can sometimes hear a verse, work to memorize it and repeat it often. Later, we might find out we were using the verse completely out of context due to different translations, not reading the verses before and/or after it, and a variety of other reasons.

Syncing with God

I talk a lot about “foolish dreams” that I have had and pursued. People sometimes ask why I am calling those dreams “foolish.” Initially, I called them foolish because they were dreams that much of the world would have called foolish (you see, I’ve been called a dreamer both as compliment and insult). It is only through the grace of God that I am achieving those dreams.

However, upon realizing I am designed and created specifically for God’s dreams, I changed. I was also realizing my dreams really were foolish after all. That’s because I began understanding God designed us for HIS dreams.

If you’re ready to get in sync with God, his plans for you, and live a life marked by wisdom, get a copy of Street Smarts: Wisdom from Proverbs. As you read, you’ll find that Kruse shares many ways you can tweak daily life for gaining a deeper understanding of wisdom, applying it to life and living a more rewarding existence.

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Well-known for his contribution to the collector car and real estate auction arenas, Mitch Kruse spent 17 years as owner, CEO, and auctioneer of the world’s largest collector car sales organization. Following the sale of that company, Kruse shifted his career toward the greater desires of God’s call on his life. He and his wife, Susan, live in Auburn, Indiana, on their family farm. That farm was first homesteaded by Kruse’s great-great-great grandfather in 1854. They have four daughters. Connect with Kruse on FacebookFollow Kruse on Twitter

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