Refining Life, on Purpose

Looking for Lost Treasure? God’s Looking for You!

We are the Lost Treasure that God Seeks

Chapter 19, verse 10 of Luke says, “For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” It reminds me when I was much younger – when my brother and many of my friends really liked to watch the Indiana Jones movies. They loved the thrill of the adventure as they followed Indiana Jones’ death-defying feats and his ability to recover the lost relics of the past.

I never really got into the movies, but it seemed like they forced Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on me about thirty times a year.

Admittedly, I was a bit young when the movies were popular and I never really understood what they were searching for. Though I never got into them, I do absolutely love the National Treasure movies and am enthralled by Brad Metlzer’s Decoded and Lost History television shows. I’m captivated by the unriddling of so many puzzles and clues while solving a mystery that could lead to reclaiming historically significant objects that make up a culture’s heritage.

When people are attempting challenges like this, hope is many times abandoned. In the movies, they ultimately find the treasure and enjoy grand lives living happily ever after… or at least until someone produces a sequel. But the scripts barely touch on the great assets the world would receive through such finds.

The Most Sought After Treasure

Even the most significant finds, though, are really mere blips in the grand scheme of eternity. Likewise, no matter how many answers are obtained, there are always more questions.

Like the adventurers I’ve just described, God is hunting lost treasure. Yet, the “stuff” that is treasured on earth is of little value to God. God values lives. Your life, in fact!

“God the Son Himself who came from those sinless heights of heaven to this shadow-enveloped world below, came from the very throne of the universe to that depthless Cross of Calvary to seek and to save us” (J. Sidlow Baxter).

He came to save that which was lost!

We are the Lost Treasure that God Seeks

An expedition for lost treasure awaits for us to pursue – a refining life, on purpose. Take the challenge with God as your guide and the Word as your map. Photo Credit: CJS*64 A man with a camera via Compfight cc

There are millions of people – whether they are of religious persuasion or otherwise – who scoff at the suggestion that they are lost. That’s because the notion that you are lost stings your pride. It annoys our self-confident minds. Similarly, I find that many people who – even if they admit they are lost – don’t sincerely believe God treasures them.

God Considers You His Treasure!

Because sin became innate in the race, the human heart has been alienated from God and reflects our lost condition.

In this condition, we are lost from God, we are lost to life’s highest purpose and we are lost to life’s purest joys. When we find that treasured reconnection to God, we find our way back to the throne room of Heaven where we belong. Once that happens, we’re can begin to participate in the refining of life that God intends so we can live out our worldly purpose, growing ever more polished for the remainder of our eternal heavenly lives.

Surely, there’s an expedition for us all. This is what “refining life, on purpose” is all about. The findings and treasures of which are untold to our world but the benefits are eternal.

Jesus is our guide.

And the Word is our map.

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