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Listen Up Kids CoverFoolish Dreams, Syncing with God & Running to Win

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Listen Up, Kids – About The Book:

Would you like to know if you are truly listening to God? Do you frequently wish to discover your divine calling? Would you like to live confidently and cultivate an enduring legacy for future generations? So did Chad Gramling.

In Listen Up, Kids: Foolish Dreams, Syncing with God, & Running to Win, author Chad Gramling shares his personal journey from a misfiring shell of a man into a fulfilled and purposeful servant of God. Originally meant to be a modest and heartfelt letter to his three daughters, it instead became a book filled with key life lessons and is an inspiring model for others to apply in their own walks with Christ. He shows readers how his acknowledging and relying upon God’s strength enabled him to overcome life obstacles like deep-rooted shame, extreme worry and guilt-ridden fears. In the process, readers get an intimate view of God perfectly preparing Gramling’s life for greater and more fulfilling purposes.

Listen Up, Kids – Who Would Enjoy The Book:

Listen Up, Kids was initially written for my own kids, but it is not a kids book. It grew into an outpouring of key life lessons that came from uncovering who I am and what I was meant to be. That meant coming to terms with personal shame, a lack in self confidence and a general feeling of unworthiness. This book is written for all of God’s kids and will be especially enlightening to those who have felt down and out at one time or another. Whether you are clinging to your final hope or just looking to find your way out of a personal rut, one or more of the lessons found within can be of help to you.

Listen Up, Kids – Where to Buy The Book:

It is currently available at Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle versions. In the near future, it may be ordered by any book retailer.

Listen Up, Kids – Endorsements:

Manny Ohonme Endorses Chad Gramling's Listen Up Kids“Listen Up, Kids is an inspiring book that provides a fresh take on discovering God’s purpose for our lives. Chad’s insights will help fortify your faith as you embark on your journey of obedience, while leaving you challenged to plunge into depths of God’s possibilities for your life.” Manny Ohonme, author of Sole Purpose, & Founder of Samaritan’s Feet International

Blake Sebring Endorses Chad Gramling's Listen Up Kids“Everyone struggles in life with issues of faith, but not everyone is as willing as Chad to openly talk about it to the benefit of his daughters, and all of us. That’s true strength.” Blake Sebring, author of The Lake Effect & Homecoming Game

 Jed Jurchenko Endorses Chad Gramling's Listen Up Kids“Listen Up, Kids does an excellent job of combining practical advice, Chad’s love for family, and his passion for Christ, into an easy to read format.” Jed Jurchenko , therapist, seminary professor, & author of Coffee Shop Inspirations: Simple Strategies for Building Dynamic Leadership and Relationships

 Scott Sprunger Endorses Chad Gramling's Listen Up Kids“Gramling writes from his heart about God, faith and family; refreshing because there is no doubt, he means every word.” Scott Sprunger – Poet, & author of The Christmas Cord

 Dave Arnold Endorses Chad Gramling's Listen Up Kids“Listen Up, Kids is not only inspiring and filled with great nuggets of truth, it is (best of all) authentic, forged out of the author’s own heart. This is much more than a how-to book; it’s a practical road map for embracing all that God wants us to be. This is a book that will touch many – kids and all!” Dave Arnold, author of Pilgrims of the Alley, It’s Possible, & Building Friendships.
 Kirby Ingles Endorses Chad Gramling's Listen Up Kids“Through personal struggles and meaningful experiences, Chad reveals how he learned to trust in the Lord beyond his intellectual understanding. Anyone with children will appreciate this book because it’s a reflection and observation of a parent’s life and how to hand down personal knowledge and wisdom from generation to generation.” Kirby Ingles, Life Coach & Veteran

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