Refining Life, on Purpose

Resolve to Build Relationships with Love and Cheerfulness of Heart

We build relationships while being mindful of our talk; taking careful action to ensure our hearts are aimed at building people up, and not tearing them down. Likewise, we are all flawed, and casting judgement or others is not our task at hand. Refraining from hateful thoughts and speech is freeing.

There’s a lot of focus on how we build relationships throughout many areas. I find it to be true in my business trade, my ministry work, my roles at church, and in so many others. Some will call it customer service, experience management, or any of dozens of other buzzworthy monikers. Yet, it comes down to how we build relationships. And how we build relationships has much to do with how we represent ourselves to others. This is where I think a lot of well-intentioned Christians too often fall into a misguided belief that they are called to be the […]

Bearing Spiritual Fruit, Resolutions and Jonathan Edwards

Christian living should bear spiritual fruit. This is evident in Edwards resolutions, where you’ll find they span matters of time, relationships, sin, human nature, behavior, motives,service, and more to frame a context for Christian living and development.

For Jonathan Edwards, resolutions were instructions for living. It’s well chronicled that he wrote 70 resolutions and read them daily throughout life. He followed them and relied upon them for sustaining strength with the ultimate intention being the development of a “soul fit for eternity with God.” In many respects, he was taking on the duty of ensuring his personal discipleship. The “served as a set of practical day-to-day guidelines for achieving that end. Edwards adjured himself to study the Scriptures above all other books and to pray steadfastly; Jesus was to be trusted as Lord; God was present, personal, […]

Real Change – Lasting Change – from Resolutions Done Right

Resolutions get more attention for our failures to keep them than they do for the opportunity they present to make powerful and lasting change in our lives. Here's a look at how we can do better at them not just on New Year's Day, but every day.

We fool ourselves into thinking real change can come from New Year’s Resolutions. But, the thing about resolutions that goes forgotten is the fact that you don’t have to wait until New Year’s Day to start them. Instead, more attention is given to people’s inability to keep them. As you think about the year ahead, think about what it will take for real change. For lasting change. And remember, you don’t have to wait for a cultural benchmark, nor do you have to even have the perfectly crafted statement or precise goal in mind. What you do have to have, […]

Resolve – 1Glories in 2018 and the Year of Listening Up

What do you resolve for the year ahead? At 1Glories, in 2018, we’ll be taking a new approach to the Year of Listening Up, studying the theology of Jonathan Edwards, launching a new service and publishing new books! It’s going to be an exciting way of refining life, on purpose.

Our personal resolve and New Year’s Resolutions are hot topics right now. You may or may not be into goal setting, and there’s no shortage of advice from bloggers, coaches, and mentors. I’m not going to add my voice to that fray. I bring it up because it’s pretty relevant to 1Glories in 2018. For the last two years, the 1Glories approach to refining life, on purpose, has been monthly exploration of life lessons. It’s been very rewarding to me personally. It’s no surprise, then, that many have asked 2018 will feature a third installment. Honestly, I’ve gone back and […]

Our Messed Up World and That Time Jesus Came to an Anxious, Waiting World

What a messed up world Jesus came to save and restore! And yet, lost in “keep Christ in Christmas” is a broader purpose and one that is as real today as it was then. God may seem “silent” at times, though he is always at work. Best of all, he is with us!

Lost in the demands to “keep Christ in Christmas” and the requests to “remember the reason for the season” is a broader purpose: hope for a messed up world. You see, the Old Testament ends with a prophesy through Malachi. He was one of several prophets who tried getting through people’s ignorance and indifference toward God. This prophecy proclaimed a curse, yet it promised reconciliation.   And then God went “silent” for 400 years. As the Christmas story reveals, Jesus was born to a virgin in a manger. Society rejected him. Decades later, he launched a ministry and proved to […]

7 Posts About Allowing Anxiety to be Your Teacher

Overcoming anxiety is a lonely road. Though, when properly framed, we can learn much from it. Here’s 7 posts about letting anxiety be your teacher. Keep listening up, kids.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. In fact, they’re affecting 40 million adults – that’s 18.1% of the population – every year. Though treatable, most sufferers don’t get treatment.It’s connected to stress, worry, doubt, depression, panic, and more. If you’re one such sufferer or know someone who is, I encourage your to learn more about anxiety and depression. Historically, there have been many stigmas attached to anxiety and depression. It’s something I’ve personally experienced throughout life. And it’s something I’m also just really starting to understand. Sadly, the church is too often unequipped to […]

How to Reframe Anxiety for Personal Growth

The ability to reframe anxiety is a personal growth tool that works wonders. Here’s how I’ve used it to do book signings, become friends with strangers, speak at events, and even deliver sermons.

The ability to reframe anxiety is a vital personal growth tool that we – introverts and otherwise – should seek to master. Having spent most of my life being an anxious and nervous person, this took me a look time, and I am still working on it. But the progress so far has allowed me to do book signings, become friends with complete strangers, speak at events and conferences, and even deliver sermons. Just a few short years ago, I could not have ever begin to draft this post. Today, I’m excited to be sharing my experiences with you in […]

Introvert Anxiety Triggers – It’s a Thing!

I can’t help wondering if there is a direct link between anxiety and introverts. The more I think about it, the more I believe it to be true. And, as a classic introvert, I am of course thinking about it – often.

I can’t help wondering if there is a direct link between anxiety and introverts. The more I think about it, the more I believe it to be true. And, as a classic introvert, I am of course thinking about it – often. A while back, I wrote a post titled “Okay, You’re an Introvert, so What?” It was a call to my fellow introverts to stop using their introversion as an excuse to miss out on life’s many opportunities. We are too often using the type of person we’re wired to be as a crutch and treat it as a […]

Divine Encounters – 7 Posts on Watching for Evidence of God

Divine encounters take many forms - Jesus Sightings, God Things, Spirit Promptings. That means we’re always in the presence of God. Here’s some posts showing the blessings we get along the way.

Divine encounters take many forms. Whether it’s scanning for Jesus Sightings, experiencing God Things, or responding to Spirit Promptings, God is omnipresent. Like it or not, we’re always in the presence of God. That means, no matter how much we screw up, it is never so much that we lose our salvation or cast off the Holy Spirit. Despite this fact, it can sometimes seem like we’ve lost a sense of his presence. That’s why it’s important to remember the divine encounters we are blessed with during our lifetimes. Consider this article from GotQuestions.org for more about God’s omnipresence, Here’s […]

Spirit Promptings: Inklings and Gentle Whispers of God

Spirit promptings are more than emotions and an inward call. They are rooted in relationship with God and studying his living word.

Many folks report having spirit promptings – a compulsion or feeling of obligation seemingly from God. For instance, I once did mission work with someone who was convinced she was supposed to give her shoes to a resident of the area we were working in. Looking at his feet, adorned with shredded and overly worn shoes, she was provoked. She saw that her and his feet were about the same size and remembered an extra pair she had at camp. It was a spirit prompting. And she followed through on our last day, giving this gentleman her shoes. That may […]