Refining Life, on Purpose

Developing People – 7 Posts on Building People Up

Developing people takes investing time, building relationships, understanding, and responding with wisdom. Here are seven links/posts speaking to it.

Developing people is one of the core ambitions of 1Glories. When I started the blog, it was about the only directive I knew for sure. And developing people goes well beyond the topic of “leadership.” And there is no one surefire approach that will work for everyone. That’s because we all exist on different spectrum’s and are at different points on that spectrum. For instance, in the course of developing people, we may find that some are in need of simple life skills. Others need to develop courage and tact to move their careers to a higher level. Obviously, that […]

Have Greater Lasting Impact by Building Up Others

You have an opportunity to make a lasting impact in many lives. It takes strong faith, personal action, and a commitment to long-term vision.

One of the best ways to have lasting impact is by investing in the lives of others. This is pretty common knowledge, especially in a culture that lauds coaching, mentoring and leadership. This is usually in a corporate setting, but it’s probably even more true in a humanitarian context. That’s probably why God commands it through the Apostle Paul in his first letter to the Thessalonians. Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. – 1 Thessalonians 5:11 ESV He offers similar advice at the end of chapter 4 (v. 18), telling them to […]

POEM: Life Seasons Past… and Yet Ahead

It's rare that I am inspired to draft any form of poetry any longer. They other night, as a storm began to roll in and I surveyed my yard, inspiration struck! I hope it provokes you to ponder as well. No matter where you are in life, it's never too late to get in sync with God.

I’ve long thought of life in the context of life seasons. Probably a throwback to The Outsiders and Robert Frost’s Nothing Gold Can Stay. The other night, as I was sitting outdoors while effectively commemorating the end of Labor Day weekend. I observed my yard. It’s something I do often, kind of like a closing ceremony to the day. My eyes fixated on two crabapple trees that had seemingly become empty of their leaves over night. I began considering seasons, and life seasons in particular. It was not long ago that those trees were filled with vibrant blossoms and that […]

Silently Judging Others Silently Makes Your Heart Stinky Like Rotting Fish

The way we think and act toward others is an act of judging others. It’s also an extension of our own hearts. Here’s how to get our hearts in good condition. Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

Judging others is a character trait I’m always working to overcome. I have more success at different times, and I frequently fall into old patterns. However, as I have matured and grown in my faith, I’m realizing my judging others is really me mentally tearing them down. As I have examined this nature, I find it generally has to two causes. I judge others either because they have what I do not or because they have what I want not. You see, our practice of mentally judging others is really our own faults and no fault of theirs whatsoever. When […]

Sometimes it Pays to be a Quitter

A quitter knows the straight path can lead to a stale life, a misguided sense of priorities and keep us from becoming who we are meant to be.

Quitter. It’s such a nasty little word. I am sure – like me – when you hear it, you immediately think to the refrains of “quitters never prosper.” Or perhaps, “quitters never win.” That’s advice that is well-intentioned, but perhaps is misguided. Looking back on my now many-seasoned life, I can point out many times when being a quitter would have been for the better. In fact, being a quitter might lead to a better life balance and a more enjoyable life in general. Here’s why: Urgency Is Not the Same as Important … many unimportant things become urgent if […]

A Biblically Balanced Life – 7 Posts for Perspective and Wisdom

A balanced life is not an impossible ideal. Here’s some resources on focus, what it takes, and living Biblically while seeking a balanced life.

Gaining and having a balanced life is not an impossible goal. Of course, it’s not easy. It requires a lot of intentional focus and Biblical wisdom. Continuing in our Year of Listening up, here’s 7 resources. They’ll show us how to focus, what it takes, and living Biblically while seeking a balanced life. What a Balanced Life Requires Does Life Balance Even Exist? (Glynnis Whitwer at Proverbs 31 Ministries) – Life often gets out of hand and we want to tell the world to just pause for a while. In this post, Whitwer uses Psalm 16:5-6 for showing that God […]

Finding Work Life Balance in God’s Glory and Our Worship

Reframing our work life from what we do into why we do it has a great impact. Drawing on verses from first Corinthians and Colossians, we can properly balance our understanding of God’s glory and our worship, and then apply it. Soli Deo Gloria.

Our personal work life is a key area that can quickly get us out of balance. Because of that, I’ve really examined and prayed over this post. I hope it finds you at just the right moment and that you prayerfully consider all that it entails. Our work life gets out of balance in many ways. It might be because we work too much. Or, it might be because we are feeling underpaid or unvalued. There might be a co-worker (or multiple co-workers) that are causing you undue stress. We might get our work life out balance because other things […]

Gaining a Heart of Wisdom – a Review of Street Smarts from Proverbs by Mitch Kruse

What does a life marked by wisdom look like? Does wisdom just happen, or must it be intentionally pursued? How is wisdom best applied in one’s life? What the heck is the purpose of wisdom? These are all questions I’ve personally pondered and they all are addressed in some form or another with Mitch Kruse’s book, Street Smarts from Proverbs: How to Navigate Through Conflict to Community. Hachette Book Group provided me with a review copy, and I am happy to share this review with the 1Glories Swarm. Also, in full disclosure: I grew up in the community where Kruse […]

The Life Balance Myth and What You Can Do About it

When your life balance is teetering, spiraling, fluctuating, and doing whatever it does for creating unbalanced realities, prayer to the one who restores should be our first action.

Balance, life balance in particular, is something I am personally pondering during most of my days. It’s something I’m always aspiring toward and am always hoping to achieve for many reasons. Yet balance, life balance in particular, eludes me. I have pursued it in many ways. I’ve attempted to create a formula. Like many people, I have kept a journal hoping to analyze it and fix everything that’s out of whack. When nothing else is working, I attempt mental exercises. Still, none of it works. So I do what I always do when I have no other options: I pray […]

How Phil Vischer’s Second Act Rises Above the Loss of Veggie Tales

Veggie Tales had a legendary rise and just as legendary fall. Phil Vischer, through the experiences of it all, learned about setting our motives rightly on God and serving God’s will over our own. It’s a lesson he takes into his second act, focusing on deeper discipling and inspiring focused ministry.

As my home church was launching a young disciple’s study from Veggie Tales creator, Phil Vischer, I was reminded of his Vischer’s own tale. It’s one of brokenness, challenge, triumph, defeat, loss, sorrow, regret, and coming back. I thought more about it and concluded it would be a good contribution to the Year of Listening Up topic of Finding Value In Disaster. I’m particularly struck about his realization of God’s goodness after having lost everything. His realizing that God gave him the loss to refocus the motive for dreams and earthly work. The Rise and Fall of Veggie Tales Phil […]