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Stewarding an Abundant Minded Neighborhood – Review of Next Door as it is in Heaven

You cannot change the city from the sanctuary. Each Christian is called to be a restorer and reconciler of people and neighborhoods so they may flourish.

I’m fortunate to have grown up in the neighborhood that I did. I knew the names of all my neighbors, looked forward to holiday cookie plates, watched local parades from their doorsteps and in their yards and lived near the downtown area (which we called uptown because it was to the north of us, I guess). We also lived near to the county fairgrounds, the local swimming pool, small restaurants, a couple of city parks and two elementary schools that had great playgrounds for after-school use. All of this was within walking distance. Though I hadn’t given it much thought […]

The Meaning of a Fresh Start and its Impact on Your Story

God is in the business of giving fresh starts

Let’s talk about getting a fresh start. Before we do that, though, I gotta ask; have you ever felt stuck in “a hole of depression, darkness, doom, anxiety and panic” with no visible way out? I sure have, and that’s the way pastor Louie Giglio described a season of his life when Relevant Magazine talked to him in the article, What to Do When You Need a Comeback. In that piece, Louis Giglio talked about comebacks and his book, The Comeback: It’s Not Too Late and You’re Never Too Far. I should note that this is NOT a book review… I’m […]

Why Life Often Requires Goonie Like Faith

I introduced my daughters to one of my all-time favorite movies… The Goonies. It’s a timeless classic that’s thrilling, humorous, and hearkens viewers of all ages back to a time when it was so much easier to believe. Even today, as a thirty-something almost forty-year-old, I still get sucked into the brilliant story-telling and adventurous spirit of the movie. While watching it, I almost believe I can go to an old attic and find a long-forgotten map to “rich stuff” just like Mikey and his fellow Goonies. I ALMOST Believe it. Since I first watched The Goonies while at roughly […]

Overcoming Failure – Seven Posts for Rising Above

It’s human nature to struggle with the prospect of overcoming failure. That’s because, nobody likes to fail, the scars of which can last a long time. In fact, those scars often remain for the duration of one’s life. However, the actual failure itself is merely temporary. Overcoming failure provides growth, new opportunities, and is a way to live the life that God intends. To help us gain perspective on what it means to Go from Low to Glow in our Year of Listening Up series, here’s seven great posts. 7 Posts About Overcoming Failure Want To Be A Success? Celebrate […]

The Library Doesn’t Want My Book and I’m Happy About it

It’s coming up on ten years since my book, Baseball in Fort Wayne was first published. In my most recent book, Listen Up, Kids, I share the events that allowed that dream to became a reality. It’s a remarkable story that really shows the way God is faithful to his children, how he is always preparing and ordering our lives and how our plans sometimes involve paths we can’t see – but they are paths that God already knows quite well. When My Book Became Possible Taking aim at something big is one thing. Achieving it is something completely different. Like many of the people […]