Refining Life, on Purpose

7 Posts for Personal Growth from Planting Small Seeds

Here’s seven posts I’ve curated to help us gain perspective of why it’s personal growth is necessary, how you can apply that wisdom and what it means.

You really never know what life will bring. As an oft said saying  goes, “the  tallest  and  mightiest  oak  of  the  forest began  life  as  a  small  nut  that  stood  its  ground.” Look around you and observe or realize where you are planted. Grow from there. Here’s seven posts I’ve curated to help us gain perspective of why it’s personal growth is necessary, how you can apply that wisdom and what it means. 7 Posts on Spiritual Personal Growth What God Can Do with the Small and Unlikely (Jennifer Rothschild – Living Beyond Limits): Rothschild uses Zechariah 4:10 to remind […]

Pumpkin Spice Church… the Pros and Cons

Pumpkin Spiced Jesus

The first year that Starbucks offered their famous Pumpkin Spice Latte, I probably had ten of them in the first week. So delighted I was with the sugary jolt of liquid autumn, it was love at first sip. And I’m not unlike so many other Americans who took to the flavor so fervently, it spurred countless copy cats and it seemed liked there soon was a pumpkin spiced anything you could ever want. I got to thinking more about this and began to think about it in a spiritual context, using the “me-too” scenarios as an example for common church and […]

When a Window of Opportunity Becomes a Door

Every moment presents an opportunity. We can ignore it or use it to propel us forward. Recognize when God is ordering your life and using your history to establish pathways for what’s ahead.

Opportunity exists all around us, we just have to be active at recognizing and responding. It’s sometimes the result of good planning and it’s sometimes being aware of seemingly random happenings. Regardless, there’s a moment when you have to be decisive, committed, and then have the courage to see it through. I was reminded of this over the weekend while kayaking with friends during an annual trip. At one point in that journey, a kayaker in front of me was heading toward a point in the waterway where there were some logs that created a couple different obstacles. Faced with the decision to […]

Heirloom Seeds – Review of Raising an Original by Julie Lyles Carr

Raising an Original by Julie Lyles Carr

I’m an heirloom, and this post will help show you why that’s the case. It will also show you why each of my kids is an heirloom in their own right, and why you are as well. I gained this understanding while reading Raising an Original: Parenting Each Child According to their Unique God-Given Temperament by Julie Lyles Carr, which releases today. I’ve had the pleasure of being on her launch team, which included a complimentary copy of the book. Get a copy and give it a read if you’re interested about parenting your child toward achieving their own unique, God-given purpose rather […]

Gaining Personal Momentum By Taking Small Steps

Gain personal momentum by taking steps - big and small - toward life and God.

When challenged to find personal momentum, I often think about a scene from my favorite movie, Steve Martin’s “The Jerk.” It’s a humorous way of reminding us about the importance of taking steps forward rather than standing still. In the movie, Martin’s Navin Johnson is a white man who learns he’s adopted by the black sharecroppers he’s lived with his entire life. So, he decides to leave their homestead to experience the world and find himself. After saying his farewells and gaining the advice of his family, he stands near the fence outside the home hopeful that a passer-by will […]