Refining Life, on Purpose

Our Duty to Rescue and Rejecting the Bystander Effect 

Though Jesus was not subject to the bystander effect when he died in our place, we are susceptible to it. Here’s why, like Christ, we have a duty to rescue.

I was introduced to the concept of the Bystander Effect while refining my understanding of seeing individuals, not crowds. I have no doubt that you have seen it in action many times over. As have I. In the simplest terms, it is an unwillingness to speak up or take action while a part of a larger group even when you know it is the correct move to make. Some might call it a form or peer pressure. An academic might say it as “pluralistic ignorance” while talking to their like-minded associates. No doubt, it is a form of social influence, though. […]

7 Posts About Serving Others Amongst the Crowds

When serving others, we must develop individuals and our communities. Here are 7 posts to help open our minds and encourage action.

When serving others, there are several paths we can take. There’s a lot of advice and many forms of motivation. If we’re going to succeed, we must develop individuals and our communities. It means seeing like Jesus, developing people and developing our communities. Here are 7 posts to help open our minds and encourage action. Serving Others By Seeing Others as Jesus Did Crowds or Persons (Rev. Wendell Mettey via Matthew 25 Ministries) – In this wonderful devotion, Rev. Mettey explains that Jesus chose to not see crowds. He always dealt with people as individuals. When we follow that model, […]

Christian Living and the Sin of Wanting More

I’m excited to introduce 1Glories readers to today’s guest blogger, Rana Tarakji. She is a fellow blogger, entrepreneur and Christ follower who passionately pursues a refining life, on purpose. In this guest post, Tarakji tackles an important subject that most (perhaps all) of us must consider during our lives.

The Sin of Wanting More “… it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:24 (NIV) This scripture has been the cornerstone view of many who view wealth as an inherently evil device. The behavior, excess trappings and path of some wealthy individuals and families, in many cases, did come on the backs of underprivileged, underserved and poor persons. In fact, the driver of the recent global economic crash is a testament to human greed. In many cases, the drive to […]

The Law of Personal Connection Can Change the World – Including You!

Personal Connections Make People Matter

There is not enough that can be said about the importance the personal connection you have with others. Imagine a life where you know absolutely nobody or one where nobody will acknowledge you, let alone talk to you. Of course, for a moment at least, that would seem pretty nice to many of us. But I doubt that’s a sustainable feeling. In a lot of ways, that’s the story from John 4, when Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at the well. It was that way because Jews were not supposed to talk to Samaritans. Also, men could not address women without their husbands […]

If Mother Teresa Didn’t See Crowds, What Did She See?

See Individuals, Not Crowds: Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa experienced a lifetime of helping others and impacting lives in countless ways. She built hospice centers, orphanages, and centers for the blind and disabled (among MUCH more). She cared for and served the needs of people who hospitals refused to admit, providing them with an honorable passing of life. Living among filth and disease while bringing aid to those in need, Teresa saw tremendous poverty and neglect. She cared for and loved on those who were forgotten and abandoned. Through her, they gained hope and dignity. She was once asked how she was able to look past the overwhelm […]

Impostor Syndrome and Giving Up Control of the Narrative

Impostor Syndrome keeps us from being who God created us to be. And the Devil loves it. But we don't always have to control the narrative. Take out the earbuds, and thrive.

I learned about something called Impostor Syndrome a few years ago. It gave me an understanding of something I intuitively knew, but couldn’t label. In short, it’s a concept describing high-achieving individuals who have a fear of being exposed as fraud. They are worried they will be “found out” as posers or hacks. That they don’t deserve their success. These individuals are generally successful, but have trouble internalizing their accomplishments. My Struggle with Impostor Syndrome I grew up in a home where we depended on food stamps – actual food stamps that could not be hidden at the checkout. I […]

Can Your Family Life be Better? I Mean, Really Better?

Last week, I enjoyed an amazing Spring Training experience I’ll never forget. It’s memorable, of course, because I was watching the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs four times at three different parks and taking in many Arizona sights, including a tour of Chase field. However, the biggest, most impacting take-away is the time I spent with a good friend and his parents. These folks are the very definition of what you might call “good people.” They’re much more than that, though, and they went out of their way to make me feel as much like a part of their family as they […]

Metaphorical Earbuds and Their Impact on Control, Inclusion and Loving thy Neighbor

The metaphorical earbuds we knowingly and unknowingly wear signifies many things. This includes desire for control, lack of inclusion and even weakness. Many world events shows how we often plug our ears, cover our eyes and hide from what we don’t want to face. It shows the ripple effect that happens when those earbuds or blinders are removed and we have no choice but to face reality.

The metaphorical earbuds we knowingly and unknowingly wear signifies a lot of things. Some of those qualities include the desire for control, a lack of inclusion and even weakness. I’m particularly reminded of this given that, as I write this post, I am watching the movie 42, about the astonishing opposition to Jackie Robinson joining the Major League Baseball roster of the Brooklyn Dodgers.   The events of that season presented the many ways in which we plug our ears, cover our eyes and hide from what we don’t want to face. It shows the ripple effect that happens when […]

Are Millennials the Lost Generation? A Review of Abandoned Faith

Abandoned Faith by Alex McFarland and Jason Jimenez

I have heard about the rise of the Millennials for the vast majority of professional career. And, as one of the youngest GenXers, born just a couple years before the commonly accepted Millennials origin date, I’ve had a unique perspective. On the one hand, I am the apathetic Xer. Although, and on the other hand, I am the head in the clouds GenY idealist. Interestingly enough, I have always found that I identified with my grandparent’s generation more than I did with my own. Yes, we have heard much about the Millennials, though. But, it might be surprising surprise many […]

Take Out Your Interpersonal Earbuds to Create Sweet Spots for Connecting

There are a lot of ways we create interpersonal interference - our earbuds. Look at your personal behaviors and habits. Where do you need to take out the earbuds and how can you create welcome mats to build a sweet spot for connecting?

We all have metaphorical earbuds that we are using as interpersonal barriers of relationships. Sometimes, those “earbuds” are intentionally put in place as we are zoning out and keeping ourselves solitary. Other times, they’re in place without our conscious knowledge. Regardless, though, they are leading to missed opportunity. Consider the following scenario from the book, Next Door as it is in Heaven: Living Out God’s Kingdom in Your Neighborhood by Lance Ford and Brad Brisco: …the Lord prompted me, ‘Take out your earbuds.’ I thought ‘Wait a minute, I really like this song!’ But I took my headphones out and […]