Pursuing a Refining Life, on Purpose

Okay You’re an Introvert, So What!?!?!?

Even the introverted can thrive in the extroverted world

I have to warn you, this post might make you mad. It may even hurt your feelings and I realize I risk losing some readers. But it’s a message you really need to hear. Listen, I get it. We introverts view the world with a filter that is much different from those used by our extroverted brethren. That’s probably because we have a tendency to over-analyze. We’re less prone to be described as one who’s able to “live in the moment” or seek out the spotlight because we are sensitive and personal. In fact, we’re probably overly sensitive and it is that […]

The Origin Story of 1Glories Found in Listen Up, Kids

The Origin Story Found in Listen Up, Kids

How did we get here? When did we get so far off course? Did we ever really know where we were going or why we set out for this place? These are all relevant questions… that we often ask much later in the process that we would prefer – but it’s never too late. I guess I should explain a little more so you can understand why I am asking them. You see, I’ve been thinking a lot about moments in time lately. Specifically, I have been considering the roots of things and their beginnings. I assume that’s perfectly natural […]

The Real Purpose for Mastering the Sword


Hello. My name is Chad Gramling. I serve my father. I’m prepared to die. Inigo Montoya teaches us all about the qualities of perseverance, passion, and focus. So dedicated to his purpose (to avenge his father’s death), he dedicated his life to mastering the sword so he might restore proper order to his family. Using his personal journey as a loose example, we can see a great model for dedicating our lives to purpose, solidifying the foundation of our future lineage and, most importantly, glorifying our Heavenly Father. The Events of Your Life Reveal Your Purpose Something I discuss in great […]

Why We Should (and How We Can) Be More Like Inigo Montoya

The many lessons we can learn from Inigo Montoya

Your life has meaning. It’s purposeful and you were created for a reason. But discovering that reason is only part of what it means to pursue a refining life, on purpose. Today, I want to share a little bit from one of my all-time favorite movies, the Princess Bride. One of the most famous among the many famous lines that exist in story is the oft-recited refrain of: It’s a line that has transcended generations and become a go-to phrase for many. In fact, very few people can resist picking up a sword, whether real or make-believe, and not say those […]

What to do with What’s Next?

Happy People are the hands of God.

I was blessed with the opportunity to achieve a lifelong dream several years ago by seeing my name on the cover of a book I had written and had published by a “real” publishing company. I was hardly prepared for what would come next – promoting the book, engaging with buyers/readers, doing media interviews, etc. For an introvert like me, the whole experience was more exhausting and stressful than actually producing the book! During the course of the many conversations with interviewers, friends, family, buyers and so many others, the most asked question had nothing to do with the book whatsoever. It […]