Refining Life, on Purpose

Finding Work Life Balance in God’s Glory and Our Worship

Reframing our work life from what we do into why we do it has a great impact. Drawing on verses from first Corinthians and Colossians, we can properly balance our understanding of God’s glory and our worship, and then apply it. Soli Deo Gloria.

Our personal work life is a key area that can quickly get us out of balance. Because of that, I’ve really examined and prayed over this post. I hope it finds you at just the right moment and that you prayerfully consider all that it entails. Our work life gets out of balance in many ways. It might be because we work too much. Or, it might be because we are feeling underpaid or unvalued. There might be a co-worker (or multiple co-workers) that are causing you undue stress. We might get our work life out balance because other things […]

God Salvages a Silver Lining from All Your Adversities

Are you facing trials or experiencing adversity? Have you found a silver lining or are you feeling desperate and hopeless. Take courage, beloved. For it is in our trials that we find meaning, we are refined, and - oh yes - God is glorified.

Let’s face it: some things happen where there is no obvious silver lining. Sometimes, things just plain suck. Whether it is a one time event or a series of decisions or events that lead to it, life will have trials. We do and will continue to face adversity. And, in the wake of adversity, we will – at times – experience loss, trauma, fear, disappointment, discouragement and failure. We’re going to feel like the world is against us. And there is going to be temptation to give in. To give up. On the playground, that’s called “taking my ball and […]

How to Find God When Your Tunnel Suddenly Darkens

How do we find God when “stuff” happens? Look to prayer and wisdom for keeping our focus, faith and fortitude when navigating suddenly darkened chasms.

The ways we find God is a common theme or trope throughout book, film, television and story in general. Ever notice it’s almost always through tragedy or struggle? You know, some sort of hardship? Though I bet it does happen, I am doubting many people find God immediately after winning a major lottery. And I’m betting that few people find God as they are being rewarded for landing a big deal or seeing a major project to successful completion. In fact, it’s usually after those things are lost that we find God. Tragedy and bad luck, though, are not guarantees […]

Impostor Syndrome and Giving Up Control of the Narrative

Impostor Syndrome keeps us from being who God created us to be. And the Devil loves it. But we don't always have to control the narrative. Take out the earbuds, and thrive.

I learned about something called Impostor Syndrome a few years ago. It gave me an understanding of something I intuitively knew, but couldn’t label. In short, it’s a concept describing high-achieving individuals who have a fear of being exposed as fraud. They are worried they will be “found out” as posers or hacks. That they don’t deserve their success. These individuals are generally successful, but have trouble internalizing their accomplishments. My Struggle with Impostor Syndrome I grew up in a home where we depended on food stamps – actual food stamps that could not be hidden at the checkout. I […]

Consider Your Ways for the New Year and Beyond

It’s good to take a break from time to time to consider your ways as you also consider your possible future. It’s never too late. We’re works in progress until the day God calls us home.

It’s good to take a break from time to time to consider your ways as you also consider your possible future. You see, the New Year is filled with a lot of advice from leaders, bloggers, journalists and all sorts of people. They’ll give you a lot of words about resolutions, goals, living intentionally and more. However, this is not one of those pieces. Frankly, it’s not a post about how to have the greatest year possible in x easy steps. It’s about you and how you go forward. So, whether you have a destination in mind or you tend […]

Seeking Your Life Vision – A Review of A Minute of Vision for Men

A Minute of Vision For Men is written with a low spiritual intimidation factor to help any man grow spiritually from any point in their walk. so you can start your day on the right foot, focused on what matters the most.

What’s your life vision? Do you have a one? In Scripture, it says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” and that’s the driving motivation behind Roger Patterson’s A Minute of Vision for Men: 365 Motivational Moments to Kick-Start Your Day. So many of us are living on autopilot. As a result, we’re not actively engaging the battle of living up to our God-given potential. That life vision is lacking. And, too often, we settle for less than what is best for us, our families, and our careers. Sadly, that also means we make God settle for less than […]

Stop Making Excuses So You Can Wake Up and Finally Say Yes

Stop Making Excuses So You Can Wake Up and Finally Say Yes

What if you were to quit making excuses and said yes to God?  It’s a simple question. And, it’s a question you might think doesn’t apply to you. But let’s ask another question… how often has your desire for what could be been held in check because you won’t give up the behaviors keeping you from it? As we conclude our first Year of Listening Up, this month focusing on the idea saying yes to God, we’re going to ponder these questions. The answers will help put your 2017 into an appropriate context for living a more impactful life. One […]

What If I Say No to God by Ignoring My Call?

When we say no to God and our calling, we're depriving God, ourselves and the world in many ways. Let us consider saying yes to God.

It seems silly to suggest we might say no to God if we really are accepting of his all-encompassing power. Yet, we say no to God all the time. We say no to him when we fall short in obeying all his commands. We say no when we make choices that are – without question – born of self-interest (and perhaps often to the detriment of others). And maybe more striking than anything else, we say no to God when we put off his call on our lives. There are implications to saying no, of course, and some of those […]

You Might Fear Success – Here’s Why & What You Can Do About It

Success is not something we should fear

The fear of success keeps many people from dreaming big. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true and I know because I have lived through it. And if I am honest with myself and others, I struggle with it today. I’m really serious about this and I suspect most readers will relate to this if they are at all honest with themselves. You see, I realized that I sometimes assess a decision on two different concepts of risk. First, there is the risk of doing it and what failure could represent. That’s the most common concept and with which […]

Why We Should (and How We Can) Be More Like Inigo Montoya

The many lessons we can learn from Inigo Montoya

Your life has meaning. It’s purposeful and you were created for a reason. But discovering that reason is only part of what it means to pursue a refining life, on purpose. Today, I want to share a little bit from one of my all-time favorite movies, the Princess Bride. One of the most famous among the many famous lines that exist in story is the oft-recited refrain of: It’s a line that has transcended generations and become a go-to phrase for many. In fact, very few people can resist picking up a sword, whether real or make-believe, and not say those […]