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God’s Ordering of Our Lives to Prepare Us – 7 Posts

God's Ordering of Our Lives to Prepare Us

Wow. God’s ordering of our lives can be many things. Frightening, exciting, eventful, dull, bland, fun, and a host of other descriptors – but one stands out: everlasting. You see, this month’s topic in the A Year of Listening Up series at 1Glories has been quite interesting, challenging and insightful. I had really expected it to be either sort of boring or extremely difficult. Perhaps both. I mean, how much can really be said about live your life with a mindset of being constantly prepared? But, as I have pondered, studied, prayed and read this 7 Posts on how God’s Ordering […]

Celebrate Baseball’s Opening Day With These 7 Refining Reads

Baseball, Opening Day & Refining Life, on Purpose

Today is Opening Day in a few Major League Baseball (MLB) cities and, within a few days, all teams will be in full swing (pun intended) on another great season of America’s National Pastime. Just in case you didn’t already know this about me, I am a life-long baseball fan and historian of sorts. Because of that, I find a lot of common things between the game, life and my walk with Christ. So, to celebrate Opening Day, I wanted to share seven baseball-related posts that also relate to refining life, on purpose. So, without further ado, let’s play ball! No More Self-Defeat – […]

When God’s Plans Are Not The Same As Your Plans

When God's Plans Are Not Like Our Plans

Today, we are rounding out our discussion of Aligning With God’s Will in our Year of Listening Up by pondering God’s plans. Yesterday, I introduced you to Daniel Fusco’s book, “Honestly” which releases April 1 (go order it now, seriously, you will thank me). In addition to losing his mother to cancer at a fairly young age and of ways where life didn’t go as he planned or as he lived in opposition to God’s nudging, Fusco talks about how he had intended to be a professional bass player. He dreamt of being on the covers of magazines, releasing albums, selling […]

Seeking God’s Will For Our Lives – 7 Posts

Seeking God's Will - 7 Posts

We all should be seeking God’s will. It is, of course, impossible to know God’s full will, but it is indeed possible for us to pursue the lives in which he has designed and guided us to live. That has been the driving force in this months’s topic during our Year of Listening Up series. I have already posted some thoughts on seeking God’s will, so I thought now is a good time to check in on what some other bloggers have to say. Here are seven posts about seeking God’s will in your life. If you have written one […]

How Do I Live a Refining Life, On Purpose?

The Dragonfly has a wonderful Second Act

What do you mean by “refining life, on purpose” – I get that question from time to time. And I understand why. It’s a bit ambiguous. At core level, it’s about personal development. In a deeper sense, it’s about the personal development of character and the progression of who we are to who we are meant to be. It’s a discipline (don’t worry – “discipline” does not always have to equal “bad”) that is sorely missing from many of the homes, schools and even some churches in our modern world. It’s not the original reason why I felt led to […]