Pursuing a Refining Life, on Purpose

How the First Professional Baseball Applies to a Refining Life on Purpose

Today is the 144th anniversary of the first professional game of baseball ever played; a game in which the Fort Wayne Kekionga’s defeated the Cleveland Forest Cities by a score of 2-0. What does this have to do with God’s glory and pursuing a refining life of purpose? I’ll get to that momentarily and then share the details of a contest I am hosting this week in honor of this event. If you would like to read more about the game, including the play-by-play historical account, visit the First National Association Game on Retrosheet. In a nutshell, and how it […]

How God’s Timing Should Turn Agony Upside Down

Have you ever questioned God about why He allows something to happen (or not happen) to you? Have you ever felt God nudging you to pursue something you didn’t want to do – but you were obedient – expecting success only to have it backfire? Then Moses turned to the LORD and said, “O Lord, why have you done evil to this people? Why did you ever send me? ~ Exodus 5:22 Consider Moses. Things didn’t go like he planned – or at least the way he thought they would. Not only does Pharaoh refuse to let the people go, he adds […]

Okay You’re an Introvert, So What!?!?!?

Even the introverted can thrive in the extroverted world

I have to warn you, this post might make you mad. It may even hurt your feelings and I realize I risk losing some readers. But it’s a message you really need to hear. Listen, I get it. We introverts view the world with a filter that is much different from those used by our extroverted brethren. That’s probably because we have a tendency to over-analyze. We’re less prone to be described as one who’s able to “live in the moment” or seek out the spotlight because we are sensitive and personal. In fact, we’re probably overly sensitive and it is that […]

How to Respond when Clunk Distracts Your Purpose

Don’t let the “clunky carts of life” distract you from purusing God's will for your life. Photo Credit: Molly Des Jardin via Compfight cc

You’ve no doubt gotten that shopping cart. You know the one. It’s that cart that has a messed up wheel and goes “clunk, clunk, clunk” as you speed down the store isles embarrassed and frustrated at your luck for having picked out a crappy, clunky shopping cart. How could it happen? Maybe you just didn’t check out the wheels well enough before you rushed into the store to take care of your business. Maybe God has it in for you today! Maybe all the carts in this store have messed up wheels. Whatever the reason, if you are like me, you’re […]

Three Reasons Why Living with Purpose Glorifies God

Purpose brings life into focus

GUEST POST: The young man was short, friendly, and had a smile on his face. As we began chatting over some tea, I was intrigued to know he was an economics student. I asked him about the subject and his reply was short and uninterested. I asked him what he planned to do with his B.A. in economics. Silence. I continued to ask in different ways about what he planned to do. Maybe in this cross-cultural situation we somehow were not connecting. I asked him what people with a B.A. in economics normally end up working as, but he had […]