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Why a Ton of Excuses is No Excuse at All

When we make ourselves available to God – with whatever it is we have in our hands – we’ll be astounded by what God does with it!

As my wife will readily attest, I am a man of many interests, leading to the start of many projects and endeavors. Often, though, those projects and endeavors are abandoned in an incomplete state. Don’t worry though, I have an excuse. Actually, I have a ton of excuses. I’m too busy. It’s not as important as this new project I am working on. I didn’t have it planned well, so I am rethinking. I lack the money to do it right. If I could just keep the kids and dog out of the way… They’re all excuses. While there may […]

7 Blog Posts About Being Available to God

Make Yourself Available to God - Isaiah 6:8

Today, we continue to explore Being Available to God & God’s Call as part of our Year of Listening Up series. Having introduced it last week and sharing some context, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to read what some other bloggers have said on the topic. I gathered seven blog posts from different sources that touch on the topic, reference different scriptures and really help round out an understanding of what it means to be available to God, how to make ourselves available to God and how we might be used when we do make ourselves available to God. […]

How to Be Available to God and God’s Calling

Make Yourself Available to God - Isaiah 6:8

What’s it mean to be available to God? It’s a question I’ve pondered over the course of several years and really am just beginning to grasp an understanding of it. Over the course of January, it’s something we’re going to explore in more detail as we launch a “Year of Listening Up” here at 1Glories. This first post serves as an introduction and was meant to go live this past Monday, but I just couldn’t get it drafted in time. The posts that follow over the remaining Mondays in January will dig deeper into what it means to be “available” to God and will […]

Gratitude, Direction and Sharing to Wrap up 2015

Few creatures have as interesting a life metamorphosis as a dragonfly.

This being the last day of 2015, I wanted to take a moment and share my gratitude to everyone who has encouraged me and taken part in refining life on purpose here at 1Glories throughout the year. I’ve personally learned a lot and experienced a lot of growth as a result of the effort and work taking place here, and I hope you have as well. I also want to thank everyone who has been a participant in the publication of Listen Up, Kids: Foolish Dreams, Syncing with God & Running to Win. Whether you were counsel, proofreader, someone cheering […]

Okay You’re an Introvert, So What!?!?!?

Even the introverted can thrive in the extroverted world

I have to warn you, this post might make you mad. It may even hurt your feelings and I realize I risk losing some readers. But it’s a message you really need to hear. Listen, I get it. We introverts view the world with a filter that is much different from those used by our extroverted brethren. That’s probably because we have a tendency to over-analyze. We’re less prone to be described as one who’s able to “live in the moment” or seek out the spotlight because we are sensitive and personal. In fact, we’re probably overly sensitive and it is that […]