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Shadow: I’m With You Always

Lo, I am with you always. ~ Matthew 28:20

What if Jesus came into your home or office and told you He was going to shadow you today? Just imagine explaining to Jesus what it is that you do all day!

And, like a curious student, Jesus might ask WHY you are doing what you are doing. What if he did this about all your job functions or chores? What if, after you conversed with an annoying co-worker or a person who interrupted you, Jesus asked; “Why did you respond the way you did?”

Could you imagine trying to explain to Jesus that you were stressed out over a thousand little things; the least of which is your eternal salvation?

Fortunately for us, He already knows. He knows about the worries on your heart. He knows about your health problems, your financial troubles, your apprehensions, conflict in your marriage. He knows. But why don’t we trust Him to take care of those things?

When we lack the consciousness of His presence we get disturbed, frustrated, and nervous. Maybe we need to remember that Jesus IS shadowing us each and every day!

About Chad Gramling

Chad Gramling makes his home in Indiana with his wife and three daughters. He's the founder and primary blogger at 1Glories, a vision cast onto his heart and detailed in Listen Up Kids: Foolish Dreams, Syncing with God & Running to Win.