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I do a lot of reading, so I figured I would take a stab at doing book reviews of purposeful and life refining books at 1Glories. Although, “reviews” is a loosely used definition here. While they are reviews, they don’t follow the typical review pattern of an introduction followed by what’s good and what’s bad. I tend to add personal reflections, take-a-ways, and a story or two that helps provide context.

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Life Refining Quotes from Life Refining Books

I’ve written posts that were inspired by books. I’ve done reviews of several. To help others at refining life, on purpose, I went through many of my favorite books to hand-select quotes I found particularly useful. I’d love to share them with you from time to time over the next 40 days.

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While I don’t do music and movie reviews as often, I have done a couple. With music, I tend to find songs that inspire, compel and provoke me to a certain sentiment. That series is something I call #Praylist because they are prayerful words and emotions that would find a permanent place on my playlist.

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