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Serving Greater Desires – Justin Masterson

Yesterday, I profiled the life of Billy Sunday, a baseball player turned evangelist. Not only did he lead many to Christ, he had a hand in the chain of witnesses who ultimately led Billy Graham to Christ. His decision to shift from the base paths to God’s path made an impact for sure. But that was in the early 1900’s. Today, let’s look at the career of another baseball player who chose to stay with the game, but continues to do God’s will and serves as a great example of integrity for others. Justin Masterson was born in Jamaica where his father […]

Serving Greater Desires – Billy Sunday

Billy Sunday

We’re kicking off the first installment of the 1Glories “Greater Desires” series by presenting the amazing stories of Billy Sunday today and Justin Masterson tomorrow. In their combined story, we get the rare opportunity to see two different paths taken from similar starting points. It’s also a lesson (or reminder) that God blesses us as we serve Him when we respond to His call on our lives. Billy Sunday is best known as a prominent evangelist of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. But it wasn’t the only field where he experienced success. In 1883, he became a professional baseball […]

That Moment When You’re Called for Greater Desires

There is no dream that's too big for God. Trust in Him when He has called you to achieve the "impossible"

I have always been a dreamer. I’ve been called one as both a compliment and as in insult over the years as I have said “how about we…” or “what if we…” My actions are most often built upon facts, but I’ve also been known to seek longings of the heart over longings of the mind. It’s served me well in many instances. But I’ve also had a terrible curse that has kept me from achieving many smaller goals that are necessary to achieve those bigger dreams. I’m a coward. That’s right. I’m afraid of success. The moment a spotlight reaches me, […]

What a Runaway Dog Teaches About Sin Nature

Last week I took Libbie, the family dog, outside for one last opportunity to water or fertilize the lawn before I went to work. In lieu of regular work shoes, I had some casual flip-flops on so I could take her to the tether we have anchored into the ground. It’s about six feet from the door and we have to hold her by the collar until we get her there and hook her to that tether. For whatever reason, I forgot about that part. Instead, I just took for granted the regular routine and must have reasoned in my silly […]

Rescue from Your Darkest Places

Light Shines Brightest in the Dark

Ever had a bad day or week? Who hasn’t? Me? I sometimes have days where I am angry simply because I’m awake. On those days, I find that something falls every time I open a cupboard, the soap falls in the sink every time I wash my hands, I spill things, I drop my phone every time I pick it up… I really could go on, but I suspect you get the point. There are those days, yes. To an observer, it might look comical. And, in light of eternity, they really are inconsequential. They’re easy to dismiss. But then there are […]

Sometimes We Don’t Honor Our Father

Honor thy Father & Mother

Most folks, whether Christian or just having been exposed to it, are familiar with Ephesians 6:2. This passage is more traditionally aimed at parental responsibilities for teaching children to obey, be respectful and be honorable. Our culture, though, also has a tendency to use it in a context that claims, “Hey kid, the Bible says to honor me.” Even agnostic and atheists like to pull that one out of their hats from time to time. In the passage, we read; “Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), “that it may go well with you and that you […]

Book Signing Saturday, August 30th

What: Book signing and reading featuring authors, Scott Sprunger and Chad Gramling
When: Saturday, August 30 @ 3PM
Where: Jeremiah’s Brewed Awakenings – 203 N Main St, Auburn, IN – (260) 333-0883

Did you Try to Join the Swarm?

eMail Icon

A friend of mine told me that they had attempted to join the 1Glories Swarm by entering their email address and clicking submit. They got a confirmation that the request had been submitted, but never got the confirmation email from the software I use to securely house the data. So I did a lot of testing. What I found is that – even though the response was a lot slower than I am used to seeing with this provider, the confirmation email did come and I was able to confirm my subscription. But it does me no good to grow my list with […]

More About the New Book – Listen Up Kids

In every book, there's a wonderful story

One night, while I was sitting with my oldest daughter at bedtime, I started tapping a personal letter to all three of my young daughters using my iPad. For years, as I have read and made various notes, I have always scribe the three letters LUK in the margins or next to the note. My intention was to share insight into my life and offer some life lessons I wanted them to know in case I never got the chance to do it personally.

Consider the Potholes

Consider the Potholes

Nobody ever said the road ahead will be free of adversity. Instead of focusing on those moments that happen, take joy in the revelations and growth that come from overcoming the challenge. And, be all the more thankful for times in which you don’t experience them. My middle daughter, Stella, fell ill Sunday night and it was pretty obvious that she was not going to school on Monday when we woke up. Along with a sore throat, she had a pretty rugged fever. It was no surprise to learn later in the day that she tested positive for strep throat. If you’ve ever […]