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Your Magnificent Chooser by John Ortberg – a Review

Your Magnificent Chooser by John Ortberg - a Review

As a parent, I’ve always believed in the impact of reading to kids. Though my kids are getting older, I’m always looking for fun and engaging books that teach powerful, spiritual lessons without purely preaching. John Ortberg’s new book, Your Magnificent Chooser is a book that accomplishes that very well.

I no longer get to read to my kids as often as I once did. They are at an age where they should be the readers. What’s more, we’re constantly competing against the distractions of technology, like tablets and phones. So, when I saw this title, I used it as a great opportunity to regain some of that time. Tyndale Publishing provided me with a copy in return for a review, and I’m happy to share that with you.

Your Magnificent Chooser by John Ortberg - a Review

John Ortberg’s, Your Magnificent Chooser is an engaging read your children will enjoy and provide them with some powerful life lessons.

My Kids Really Enjoyed Your Magnificent Chooser

Obviously, one of the big concerns when buying a book is the question of whether it will hold your child’s attention. Not only did they enjoy Your Magnificent Chooser, they understood the concepts it shares and informed me that “it’s a great book” at the conclusion of each reading.

The book is based on another book Ortberg wrote for adults called All the Places to Go…How Will You Know? It uses a simple rhyming style that is very similar to Dr. Suess, providing a fun way to teach children about their “choosers.”

So what is a “Chooser?” It’s the quality given to us by God that allows us to make choices in life, whether that is for good or bad. Several examples are provided throughout the narrative.

Your Magnificent Chooser Connects to Kids of All Ages

If you are grown adult who wants a deep theological treatise, this isn’t the book for you. And I have to question why you would want that from a children’s book! However, if you want a way to help teach your kids – of all ages – the importance of making smart decisions in life, this one will fit the bill.

Illustrations are by Robert Dunn, who has illustrated several other children’s book titles. They are colorful, whimsical and do a wonderful job of connecting the words with the visual elements for a strong, multi-dimensional narrative.

It’s written in a common enough language that young children can comprehend, yet it’s mature enough to not insult older kids. And finally, even really big kids can stand to revisit the lessons Your Magnificent Chooser offers.

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