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Vision and Leading – 7 Posts About Casting Your Vision Toward the Future

Casting Your Vision in the Direction of the Future - 7 Posts

Vision and Leading are two words that practically everyone has heard used in some context. Whether it’s personal or group context, whether for career or volunteerism, you can’t escape hearing those two words. They’re often accompanied with the word “mission” to express a desired purpose.

Regardless of the contest, though, it’s vital to remember that they are about guiding toward a future state. They are about getting us from where we are to where we will be. Here are seven posts I encourage you to consider for personal life planning, Godly vision, leading, and being led.

Life Plans and Godly Vision

When God Messes with Your Life Plan (Stephen Altrogge via Desiring God) – Whether we’ve worked with a life coach or not, we probably have a “life plan” of some sort in mind. That’s because imagining our future is something we all do. However, as Altrogge explains, “there are many times when God intentionally messes up my life plan.” Joseph, Abraham and Sarah are just a couple of examples. I bet we all can pick one of those times where we said, “what the heck, God?” But, as this pose reminds us, God knows what he’s doing.

Godly vision breeds success – Part 2 (Msgr. Gabriel Osu via The Guardian) – In this post, Osu teaches that a Godly vision is a “vision that is rooted in God’s plan for humanity, which includes to live fulfilled lives and to be happy with Him hereafter.” That may involve drastically changing our personal story – such as was the case with Saul, who became Paul.

5 Characteristics Of A Godly Vision (Dan Black via Dan Black on Leadership) – Like Osu (see above), Black asks us to ponder what exactly a “Godly vision” is. Of course, it is one that glorifies God. In addition to that, though, Black shares four other attributes for leaders to consider.

Casting Your Vision in the Direction of the Future - 7 Posts

There’s no escaping talk of vision and leadership. Here, I share seven posts that I encourage you to consider when it comes to personal life planning, Godly vision, leading, and being led.

Leading and Being Led into the Future

5 Ways to Be Led By Holy Spirit, Not Flesh (Kelly Balerie at Crosswalk) – In this thought-provoking post, Balerie draws on passages from Romans and Galatians to show us how to live within a world where the enemy seems to be running rampant. Then, she offers five ways in which we can overcome it, all of which involve leadership from the Holy Spirit.

Lead for the Future, Not Past (Thom Rainer) – Rainer reminds us that leadership involves the here and now – not what happened yesterday. When you can’t get past your past, you can’t take others into the future. Here, Rainer offers some signs that you may be leading from the wrong timeline.

What to Do When Your Future Feels Flimsy (Margaret Feinberg) – In the midst of trials, we sometimes feel like we are on shaky ground. Of course, when that happens, we’re unsure – or not very optimistic – about our futures. Drawing on Isaiah, Feinberg shows that, “When your future feels flimsy, God wants to fortify your faith.” <3

The Past and Future Present (Trevin Wax via The Gospel Coalition) –  “’Now’ is elusive. ‘This moment’ is fleeting.” Was So true. At this time next year, we’re going to be wondering where all the time went. Drawing on teaching from Oliver O’Donovan, Wax helps us consider ‘the Now” and living in it.

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