Refining Life, on Purpose

Casting Your Line To the Future and Hopeful Leadership

Hopeful Leadership that inspires a refining life, on purpose

The concept of hopeful leadership is a frequent topic. In fact, when I just googled “Hopeful Leadership” a few moments ago, I got 19.6 million results. The sources of these results run the gamut from the likes of Forbes and Trendhunter to political sites and regional news outlets. Interestingly, though, when I put that same phrase in quotation marks and add the word “Christ” after it, there is a mere 1,650 results!

I am not suggesting this is problematic at all. However, it is somewhat perplexing given that – if ever there were someone who was a hopeful leader – it’s Jesus Christ. If there was ever a leader that inspired and produced more hope, I know not one.

What is Hopeful Leadership?

In his book, Hope: How Triumphant Leaders Create the Future, Andrew Razeghi includes a section intended to dispel some of the common misconceptions about hope. He also shares how successful leaders define and use the concept of hope.  In doing so, to debunk the myth that “hope never ends,” Razeghi quotes, among others, the Apostle Paul from Colossians;

“Hope begets faith and faith begets love.”

Then, he observes that, unlike love, hope can indeed end.

Whereas as a Christian, one’s hope from God does not end, in a secular sense, from time to time, it certainly feels like it does. Once we have achieved what we had hoped for, hope becomes a possession. That’s why hypersuccessful people are never satisfied. However, hope ends only temporarily. Therefore, triumphant leaders are adept at sustaining hope even in success. Hopeful leaders cast their hook in the direction of the future, even when their boat is full of fish.

This is where I first really began to consider the concept of hopeful leadership from a spiritual sense. It seems counterintuitive to think from a Christian perspective to continually cast your hook toward the future when you have already had your fill, as Ragezhi suggests. Then again, we’re not really talking about fish, nor are we talking about boats.

We’re talking about a living hope.

With hopeful leadership, in a worldly sense, we’re expected to continue filling our metaphorical boats with metaphorical fish. Hopeful leadership, in a charismatic sense, is the envisioning of tomorrow and fostering an environment for reaching tomorrow. Yet, once tomorrow is achieved, that same leader is already charting a course for the next day.

The hopeful leader never stops growing, nor does the hopeful leader stand still.

Hopeful Leadership that inspires a refining life, on purpose

Hopeful leadership is a lot of things to a lot of people. In Christ, we have a living hope that should inspire us to live a refining life, on purpose. Here’s how.

Hopeful Leadership Inspires Purpose, Confidence & Progress

Christian hope – a confident expectation that God’s promises shall be fulfilled – is found in the divine personality, strength, and power of Jesus Christ.  It’s not not an irrational or selfish wish. It’s confidence in something real.

When Jesus invited the world to follow him, he gave them purpose. When he performed his ministry died for us only to overcome this world, he offered more confidence than any of us ever dreamt possible.

He continues to speak to us today. He continues to inspire and lead us into hopeful seasons.

We would do well to continue following his lead.

The Hope Found in Refining Life, on Purpose

1Glories is based upon a mission of refining life, on purpose. It’s more than a swift tagline. It is an ambition and way of life. It’s an invitation to realize we are all unfinished projects in this earthly world – and it is an opportunity to grow into the masterpiece our creator first imagined us to be.

We have a living hope of continue transformation with an eye toward tomorrow and all the days that follow. With that in perspective, you may see that it’s no coincidence the logo developed for 1Glories includes a dragonfly.

One of my most frequent prayers is to be traveling a path that is according to God’s will and for his glory. Similarly, I am always praying that those who connect with 1Glories and inspired, motivated and encouraged to the do the same.

I invite you to connect on a deeper level as we travel that path – together.

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