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Advent 2012: The Guiding Hand of God

One of the things I love about the way God speaks to us through His word is the dialectics – the idea that polarity exists within the context of the whole. I’ m not suggesting that it’ s contradictions or that God’s word and promises change. Rather, He uses the polarizing view and nature to understand concepts and magnitudes of them.

For example, in today’ s devotion, the Magi are guided by a star to “come and see” the newborn king. To this day, the smartest mins on the planet are unable to provide an explanation for how a star might shine directly above Jesus and guide them to Him. Today, we no longer are to “come and see” nor is there a star to guide. Rather, our command is to “go and tell”. Despite there being no logical (or scientific) explanation for it, so many Christians can tell you they have been called to places, have been called to serve a people, to do things they could never fathom doing. All the while, they are are telling of the Good News that is The Gospel of Christ.

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