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Advent 2012: Great Expectations

This is a personal reflection of today’s Advent devotion from Great News for Great Joy (download for free now from Desiring God). Please also share your reflections in the comments area.

God was coming to visit his creation. In the days leading up to Jesus’ birth, there was great expectation among many whom believed God to have withdrawn from their lives. And then He came in a way no one expected.

How many times have you felt like God had left your side only to later look back and find that He not only been there, but found that He was working in much broader context than you had ever imagined – preparing your for a much more rewarding outcome?

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Chad Gramling makes his home in Indiana with his wife and three daughters. He's the founder and primary blogger at 1Glories, a vision cast onto his heart and detailed in Listen Up Kids: Foolish Dreams, Syncing with God & Running to Win.