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10 Quick Takes on New Year’s Resolutions – What’s Yours?

How and Should Christians Make Resolutions

I’ve use the last few days to talk about New Year’s resolutions. For some reason, I am prone to getting really into the coming of a new year, but I don’t make specific resolutions. Instead, I make a generalization through affirmations. That said, I do believe strongly in the need for goals. I’m in the process of establishing my 2015 personal goals and 2015 goals for 1Glories.

That being the case, I thought it would be good to breeze through some blogs and other websites for some perspective.

The journey in this case starts at Desiring God, where John Piper uses 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12 to ask if we should make resolutions and how we should ask for them. This is a great little lesson that I highly encourage you to watch. Here is my take-a-way in a nutshell:

God’s grace moves fulfilling of our resolutions and our work resulting from that resolve by the power of God through our faith. If we make our goals in that mindset, turning our resolve into works of faith, God and Jesus Christ will be glorified. We, in turn, are changes from one degree of glory to the next. Piper says emphatically that we should make resolutions. We do it by God’s grace, through trust or faith in God’s ever arriving power for God’s glory.

How and Should Christians Make Resolutions

Another resource for a Christian perspective on New Year’s resolutions is Got Questions.org.

Having scanned a few more for perspective and enlightenment this morning, I am sharing several more below because I feel there is worth and value to be had for 1Glories Swarm Readers.

But I know there are many more out there. Feel free to reply on this post with your thoughts and opinions and even share your New Year’s or Resolution related post (Yes… I am inviting you to share your links here – but please limit to one link and PLEASE, keep it classy).

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